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Items To Part With Before Renting A Storage Unit

For a variety of reasons, individuals may need to store some of their belongings in a storage unit for a certain amount of time. Before boxing up everything and hauling it to the storage facility, individuals should meticulously go through their belongings and get rid of everything they don't need anymore. Read the information below to learn what to part with before renting Storage Units in Bronx NY.
Unworn Clothes and Shoes
Going through the closet and picking out clothes and shoes that are no longer worn should be a simple task, but it's usually the hardest thing to do. Even though an item of clothing hasn't been worn in years, many people still think that they'll wear it someday. The chances are that, if an item of clothing hasn't been worn in at least one year, it's time to donate or sell it.

The same thing goes for shoes because shoes can take up a lot of space in Self Storage Units. Even though the shoes are adorable, if they haven't been worn all year…